BSPS students with the Consul General of Italy

In March BSPS received a visit from the Hon. James Merlino, Minister for Education and Deputy Premier, and Marco Maria Cerbo, Consul General of Italy, along with representatives from a whole range of political offices. I didn’t think I could fit so many people in my office at one time – although it did add to the atmosphere!

The entourage totalling about 15 people toured the school and moved in and out of classrooms, observing and chatting with staff and students about our bilingual education program.

Our students were amazing (as always): so mature, so articulate and sooo well behaved, as they interacted with numerous adults at one time. This meeting was organised by the Consul General. He has been most impressed with our program, our journey so far and what we have planned for the future; and he wanted to make sure the Minister was aware of the great things that are happening here at BSPS. We look forward to the Minister’s response and our journey forward together.

Sheryl Hall, Principal