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Responsive & Interactive

Our school has made plans for remote learning to ensure students can access learning and stay in contact with their peers and teachers. Teachers have completed their planning for the first part of term two and are now transforming these plans to enable remote and flexible learning​

Interpersonal connection

Students will miss connections with their peers and teachers. We are working towards use of platforms that will still enable connection during remote learning to maintain peer and teacher connection. It is envisaged that a teleconference platform will allow for daily check-in sessions with teachers and small group teleconferences to take place during the school day.

Digital platforms

Foundation – Year 2 will use SeeSaw as a platform for children and families to submit their work and complete their tasks. Years 3-6 students will use Google Classroom to undertake their learning and submit work to their teachers. Zoom will be used for teleconferencing.

Assessment & reporting

Teachers are incorporating assessment tasks into learning plans and with remote learning platforms we are looking at ways we can close the loop in the learning cycle. This will look different for different learning areas and is something we will continue to refine as we move forward.

Daily timetable & structure

Structure is important for students and families. We will provide a structure for daily learning for students to follow and which parents can oversee.​Families will then create a workable timetable that takes into account parents working from home, access to technology and individual circumstances. We have to be realistic about what is and isn’t achievable!

Parent and carer involvement

Parents and carers are not teachers. All we ask from you is that you support your child to engage in the learning tasks set by their teachers.

It would be great if you explained things that your child is unsure of and answer any of their questions and assist them in some tasks. It is up to each family to decide the best place for online learning. It might be the bedroom, lounge room or kitchen table. It depends on your circumstances.

Communicating with your child’s teachers

The school office will be attended 9am-12pm daily for the beginning of term.

Outside of those hours, the school email address will be monitored ( and the temporary mobile number can be used to make contact (0422 398 014)

Teachers will be available on their usual working days between 9.00am – 2.30pm to respond to emails or phone calls (You may be called back from a private number). From 2.30-3.30pm each day staff will engage in team meetings, professional learning and planning.

Support and documentation

Remote Teaching & Learning Policy

BSPS Remote Learning Guide for Families

BSPS Remote Learning FAQ 1

BSPS Return to School Information for Parents


On Site Attendance Form – Term 3