DlynJJPmUMPH_MUSIC_Piano3DrumsMusic 1Brunswick South Primary School has two dedicated instrumental music teaching spaces, and currently engages six Instrumental Music Teachers (IMTs) offering lessons in piano, guitar, drums, violin and singing. All our IMTs have current Working With Children Checks and are experienced teachers and practitioners.

Lessons are usually 25 or 30 minutes long (this varies according to the teacher) and take place during lesson time. The IMTs collect students from their classrooms and ensure they return to their classroom after their lesson. IMTs endeavour to rotate their roster of students from week to week so that students do not miss the same classroom activity each week. Fees are set by the individual IMTs, but are generally slightly lower than the guidelines offered by the Victorian Music Teachers’ Association, the professional body for Instrumental Music Teachers. IMTs invoice parents directly for their fees and the preferred method of payment varies from teacher to teacher. IMTs also collect a small ‘room hire fee’ which goes to the school for reinvestment in the music program.

The program is coordinated by a parent volunteer, Maria Fitzgerald (contact details below). Alternatively, the Instrumental Music Teachers would be happy to receive inquiries about their instruments and may be able to give more specific advice eg, what age is a good age to start a particular instrument, where to hire an instrument etc. IMT details are as follows;

PIANO/KEYBOARD (4 teachers)

Maria Fitzgerald

T 9387 1918 •  M 0404 969 386

•E mariafitz@westnet.com.au

Anna Robinson

T 9482 7660  •  M 0418 296 309

•E annalrobinson@icloud.com

Rosey Beer

T 9376 3686 •  0406 898 759

•E roseybeer@gmail.com

Francesca Di Muccio

M 0404 533 831 •E urbandesignunit@iinet.net.au


Nigel Swifte

M 0403 734 057  •  E nigelswifte@hotmail.com


Dave Williams

M 0431 150 989  •  E davewilliamshangs@gmail.com


Oliver Mann 

M 0434 850 112 •  E olivermannsings@gmail.com


Gavin Lang •  E gavin_lang@hotmail.com

M 0416 078 869

Esther Henderson

M: 0401 643 983 •   E. estherhenderson101@gmail.com