School Council is a decision making body that assists in governing the school. This includes setting key directions and overseeing the school’s operations and aspects of it’s financial performance. School Councils are a legal requirement and operate within State Government regulations and guidelines.

The school council is made up of elected parents and teachers, the school Principal (who holds the position on council of executive officer) and a community member appointed by the school. School council members volunteer their time to make a considerable contribution to the effective governance of the school.

School council responsibilities include:

  • setting the general educational policy of the school consistent with the school’s philosophy and values and relevant Government frameworks and requirements
  • maintaining and improving the school buildings and grounds
  • managing revenue and expenditure within the remit of school council
  • engaging with the BSPS community
  • fundraising

Involvement in the School Council or in its committees and sub-committees gives members of the school community an accountable and transparent mechanism to shape the direction and management of the school.


School Council Reports


BSPS School Council Report – December

BSPS School Council Report – April

BSPS School Council Report – May

BSPS School Council Report – June

BSPS School Council Report – July

BSPS School Council Report – August

The School council consists of 10 members. Parent and teacher representatives are elected positions on a 2 year term. Each year, 3 parent positions are available for nomination. Nominations occur in the first half of term 1 each year and are notified through the school newsletter.

School Council Meeting dates

13 February

27 March

1 May

5 June

31 July

4 September

23 October

4 December


President – Gabrielle Marchetti (Community)

Vice President – Jeremy Schreurs (Parent)

Treasurer – Jeremy Schreurs (Parent)

Parent members – Jane Scammell, Petra Stock, Madeleine Aikenhead & James Henry

Department of Education representatives – Trevor Strolla (Acting Principal, Executive Officer), Marg Weymouth (Assistant Principal), Ivana D’Aprano (Teacher representative)

The BSPS school council meets twice a term on a Tuesday at 7pm at the school. BSPS Council meetings are open to members of the school community with prior approval from the President and Principal. Please contact the school if you would like to request approval to attend a meeting.

Interested parents are encouraged to nominate for school council when a vacancy arises. Parents are always welcome to join a Council committee or join the many volunteers who support the range of BSPS extra-curricular and community activities.

Following each meeting an update from the school council will be provided via the school newsletter and a report of meetings will be added to this website.


Policies Committee – Marg Weymouth

OSHC Committee –  Monique Dawson

Building and Grounds Committee – James Henry

Community and Fundraising Committee – Jane Scammell

Contacting school council or committees email us here

Please provide the following information;

Your name:

Your relationship to BSPS [parent/carer of current BSPS student; parent/carer of potential prospective BSPS student; other]

Subject of Enquiry: [school council; policy committee; OSHC committee; community committee; building and grounds committee; community partnerships committee]


Your contact details:

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee’s main purpose is to develop comprehensive policies on a wide range of school issues that are consistent with DEECD requirements and the school philosophy. Feedback from the school community is sought on draft policies before endorsement is sought from school council. Policies are usually reviewed every 3 years.

A list of current, draft and proposed school policies can be found here.

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the maintenance and development of the school buildings, grounds and facilities. This includes maintaining a list of works identified to be undertaken, preparing the business case and estimated cost for council consideration and prioritisation, and preparing communications on proposed works for consideration by the school community.

Coming soon: 2018 Buildings and Grounds Action Plan

Community and Fundraising Committee

The Community and Fundraising Committee’s main purpose is to develop and maintain the sense of identity and belonging in the BSPS community and provide opportunities for positive interactions between members of the school community as well as involvement in school community activities

The Committee has appointed co-ordinators to focussing on the following areas:

  • Grants, Sponsorships and Donations – identifying and maintaining a calendar of eligible grants and preparing the grants submission in due time; identifying possible donations and engaging in activity to explore suitable donations consistent with school values and sponsorship policies;
  • Fundraising – identifying opportunities for fundraising, developing plans and maintaining a schedule of school fundraising activities
  • Communications – foster good communication through effective and up-to-date use of the BSPS website and other methods including twitter and Facebook; develop opportunities for carers and parents to have their communication needs with the school met and to increase opportunities for two way feedback on important school issues such as an annual carer/parent survey and school welcome pack.
  • Volunteers – maintains a list of all BSPS parents/carers who are interested in volunteering, noting their skill set and interests, contact details and availability and advising of any specific requirements (such as Working With Children Check); matches potential volunteers with committee and sub-committee activities
  • Processes – maintaining all relevant information and supporting the efficient and effective operations of the committee.

Coming soon: 2018 Community and Fundraising Action Plan