Our school is a unique and delightfully special place. The moment you walk through the gates there is something magical about our welcoming and vibrant community. You will find our students engaged in their learning in one of our historical learning spaces or outside playing in the yard.

We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment for all students and their families. Our focus on building positive, trusting and nurturing relationships is central to our work and is supported by our team teaching structure and embedded model of Character Strengths across the school.

A love of learning underpins our curriculum and approach to teaching and learning. We use the latest research-based methods in our approach and have an unrelenting focus on improving learning outcomes for all students. We are a true professional learning community and always seek ways to build on our practice.

Brunswick South Primary School is an innovative English Italian bilingual school. This accreditation has followed the incremental introduction of a language program over the past five years. Our approach is strongly supported by our school community and forges us strong links with the Italian community.

We have an active, engaged and involved parent community and actively seek ways to enhance student learning through this partnership. There’s rarely a day where parents aren’t volunteering in the school. They may be helping in the classroom, gardening, making costumes, having an official committee meeting or just catching up for a coffee in the staffroom.

Our 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan, Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values reflect a climate of trust and a passion for the welfare of the students and their learning. We have recently undergone a school review and are on a journey to take our wonderful school from good to great.

The story behind our school logo tells it all.

Our logo is based on the delightful toy of childhood, the kaleidoscope. It symbolises both the wonders of childhood and our school.

Elements from our historical building have been used in creating the symbol, allowing us to honour our past as we prepare our students for the realities of today and the unknowns of tomorrow.

The star at the centre represents our students. They move from this star as white triangles, through the ever-shifting shapes and patterns of the kaleidoscope. Our staff are portrayed as the petals of the flowerlike quatrefoil, as taken from the motif on our main building.

The octagon, the shape of our chimneys, the whole school community, remaining ever constant and supportive throughout our students’ journey.

Our signature colour – pink – is inspiring and comforting. It suggests hope for the future. Bringing together the strength of red and the purity of white, it is intuitive, insightful and suggests empathy and sensitivity.

Pink represents the innocence of the child in all of us.

It is my absolute pleasure to lead our school – come and see for yourself how fantastic it is.

Trevor Strolla – Principal