As soon as you walk through the gates of our school, you are greeted by our vibrant and welcoming learning community. Whether it is students immersed in learning within our historic classrooms or laughing and playing outside, the atmosphere is alive with energy.

As a Respectful Relationships Lead School, we take pride in the inclusive environment that we have created, in which strong, trusting and healthy relationships with students, staff and families are at the heart of what we do. Our collaborative teaching approach and the integration of School Wide Positive Behaviours and Character Strengths across our curriculum fosters a consistent and supportive learning environment for all our students.

Brunswick South Primary School stands out as an innovative English Italian bilingual school. Over the past seven years, we have embedded an immersive Italian language program that has become an integral part of our community, fostering strong connections with the Italian community.

Our strategic plan, vision, purpose, mission, and values reflect an unwavering commitment to student voice and agency, wellbeing, and academic success. Our students are active participants in their learning; whether it’s through being supported to identify their learning goals and next steps, choosing how to show their understanding, or by making an impact on our school and community by joining one of our student-led action teams.

We value and promote a love of learning and a sense of possibility in all we do. We are dedicated to implementing the latest research-based teaching methods and are committed to continuously improving learning outcomes for all students. As a professional learning community, we are always seeking new ways to enhance our practice.

At Brunswick South Primary School, parents and carers are active partners in their children’s education. Whether they are volunteering in the learning areas, tending to our gardens and worm farms, or drawing on their expertise to support learning programs, their involvement enriches our school community.

Our school logo, inspired by the kaleidoscope, symbolises the wonder of childhood and the essence of our school. It incorporates elements from our historical building, honouring our past while preparing students for the future.

It’s a privilege to lead our school, and I invite you to experience firsthand the incredible learning environment we have cultivated.