School Council Report – April

School Council Report – April

School Council Update

On behalf of the School Council, I would like to welcome everyone back to Term 2. We hope you (and especially the teachers) enjoyed a well-deserved break. This will be a busy term for the school and we would like to provide an update from School Council and highlight some of the activities underway.

Office Bearing Positions

 In the last week of term the School Council met to elect new office bearers for the year followed by a standard meeting. We would like to acknowledge outgoing members, Gabrielle Marchetti (President) and Jeremy Schreurs (Vice-President/Treasurer), for many years of hard work. We would also like to welcome new members to Council – Jean Pierre Masclef, Madeleine Aikenhead (Vice President) and Dan Ziffer (Treasurer).

For the first time, the Council has sought the services of an external representative to join School Council. John Hajek is Professor of Italian Studies at Melbourne University and Director of RUMACCC (Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-cultural Communication). He will convene a new Bilingual Sub-Committee with a focus on further developing this unique feature of our School. This role will also seek to promote our school in the wider community. We welcome John to the Council.

In our regular School Council meeting, we approved the 2018 Annual Report, the current balance sheet and operating statement.  We approved the monthly Ciao Down fundraiser, so there will again be sausages and veggie burgers on offer this term. The Council also discussed a letter from the school community requesting better information on the link between fundraising events and how these contributions are being applied. We all agreed with this sentiment and see the benefit in sharing funding targets with the wider school community to build momentum around projects. Last year we funded a new basketball ring from the Colour run event and additional fundraising contributions have been saved to be spent in this current year. Over the coming term we will articulate targets, some of which are immediate and others requiring additional external funding, such as upgrades to the senior playground. If everyone knows the School’s targets, we will have a better chance of addressing any funding gaps and projects will be delivered sooner.

Principal Recruitment Process

The department has commenced a selection process to substantively fill the principal position. This process will run over April and May. In keeping with standard practice the role was advertised on the last day of term. The selection process will be overseen by a panel made up of members of School Council, staff, the Department and an external Principal. This is a confidential process, however we will periodically share updates where we are able to.


 We’d also like to encourage any parents who are interested to join one of our subcommittees – new members are welcome throughout the year. In particular we are looking for parents with an interest in joining either the Policy or Finance sub-committees.

If you are keen to be involved in a sub-committee or have any other queries, please get in touch with School Council via  or my email address directly via

The next School Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 May. We look forward to an exciting Term 2.

Kind regards,

James Henry

School Council President